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GoodWe grid-tied and hybrid inverter range available through ZEN!

With solar energy advancing and becoming more popular, we are seeing people very eager to explore greater options for their solar power systems. We are happy to announce that ZEN is now offering the full range from GoodWe, the world-leading PV inverter and energy storage solutions manufacturer. With GoodWe’s broad product offering, there is definitely […]

Upgrade your existing solar system with Redback’s new Smart Battery System

Had enough of watching your solar generation flow back to the grid and receiving next to nothing? Still sitting in the dark in power cuts, even though you already have a solar energy system? Redback Technologies has just launched its latest Smart Battery System and we are very excited about bringing this to solar lovers […]


Size: 7.56 kW of solar panels with 11.90 kWh energy storage Major Components: 24 x LONGi 315W solar panels, 1 x 5kW Redback Hybrid Inverter, 2 x 2.4 Pylontech Batteries and 2 x 3.55 Pylontech Batteries housed in a Redback Battery Enclosure. Annual output: 10.31 MWh p.a. Installation date: December 2019 Installation cost: $30,000 to […]

New Redback inverter range available now!

Redback Technologies has just launched its latest generation of hybrid inverters – both single and three phase! ZEN Energy Systems, as Redback’s New Zealand partner, is incredibly happy to announce that these latest release systems are now available in New Zealand – offering further enhanced capabilities from this market leading all-in-one hybrid solar and energy […]

5 Must cover topics before choosing a solar battery system

Solar energy has definitely become more popular in New Zealand in recent years and there are a lot of options in the market for homeowners to choose from, especially when it comes to systems with solar batteries. Different terms such as “battery ready”, “hybrid”, “AC coupled”, and so on, can be very confusing. To help […]

New LONGi 370W solar panels now available in New Zealand!

Earlier this year, LONGi launched their new 370W solar panel range, and we are very happy to tell you that we now have this latest technology available in New Zealand! Providing higher power, higher efficiency half-cut PERC solar technology at a better price point. One of the key benefits of introducing the LONGi 370W panel […]

Solar and Energy Storage – Using Solar Batteries to Maximise your Solar Power System

Solar with energy storage is the best way to use solar power around the clock and to utilise the excess supply generated by a solar power system. In our last blog, we talked about the entry-level option – using a solar diverter (if interested in viewing, please click here to read the blog). Now, we […]

LONGi Half-Cut Cell Solar Panels – Higher Efficiency Panel Technology

Solar power is one of the fastest-growing sources of new energy worldwide, with technology in the solar industry continuing to evolve. The latest technology on that mainstream path is Half-Cut Cell solar panels, which has an anticipated growth in market share from 5% in 2018 to nearly 40% in 2028 (source: The ninth edition of […]

Successful Integration of Solar into Breweries – The Sawmill Brewery

Project Overview System Size: 16.2 kW Generation: 23.5 MWh p.a. Savings: $3,500 p.a. Panels: 54 x LONGi 300W panel Inverter: Huawei SUN2000 33KTL 3-phase inverter “Building a sustainable brewery operation is fundamental to us. We wanted a brewery our customers, community and team could be proud of. Our electricity usage was a concern (brewing being […]

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