Successful Integration of Solar into Breweries – The Sawmill Brewery

Sawmill Brewery - Commercial Solar Power

Successful Integration of Solar into Breweries - The Sawmill Brewery

Sustainability is a crucial part of The Sawmill Brewery philosophy

Project Overview

System Size: 16.2 kW

Generation: 23.5 MWh p.a.

Savings: $3,500 p.a.

Panels: 54 x LONGi 300W panel

Inverter: Huawei SUN2000 33KTL 3-phase inverter

What the customer says

Sawmill Brewery - Commercial Solar Power 2"Building a sustainable brewery operation is fundamental to us. We wanted a brewery our customers, community and team could be proud of. Our electricity usage was a concern (brewing being an energy-intensive activity), so we investigated the use of solar panels for power.

Our research took us to ZEN Energy Systems and in October 2018 after their thorough investigation of what would work best for our business, they installed a 16.8kW system in the brewery. We are generating even more solar power than we expected, resulting in real savings, and have had excellent feedback from visitors to the brewery.

For our team it is gratifying to take this huge step forward in being a business that has a positive impact on its environment.  We are all about independence and resourcefulness at Sawmill and ZEN Energy have been immensely supportive of this."

Mike Sutherland and Kirsty McKay, The Sawmill Brewery

Results of the project

Actual screenshot of The Sawmill Ltd system producing 16kW by 11.30am – 12 March 2019

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