Testimonial – Brenda Lemon

System size: 4.75 kW Location: Snells Beach, Auckland

“I had been looking at solar energy for about 18 months and received proposals from five different companies. Through my dealings with ZEN I learned more about solar energy than from the other four companies combined. They have great technical knowledge and can relay information in a simple and understandable manner, making me feel comfortable with the direction I wanted to head. They were great at following up on their proposal and answering questions, but were not at all pushy. They simply worked through everything with me until we had the right solution, by which time I was completely satisfied with my decision to choose ZEN”.

Right throughout the process and beyond, ZEN has been fantastic to deal with. They handled everything – from the network company application, to recommending the best electricity retailer and completing all necessary paperwork. The ZEN installation team came to my home and installed my 4.75kW system with great care, double checking everything and carefully measuring the location of my trusses to ensure that no fixings penetrated my exposed wooden ceilings.

With 25 year warranties on both their panels and inverters, I soon discovered ZEN provide the best system warranty on the market. I feel secure and delighted that my ZEN energy system will deliver for decades to come. What’s not to like? I recommend ZEN very highly. Please do not hesitate to contact me if through amplifacation I can give further information on my experience with ZEN, their product and their team."

Brenda Lemon


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