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Solar Energy Solutions

For many people, knowing what to look for in a solar energy system is an unknown. At ZEN, we've worked tirelessly to simplify everything and provide solutions to meet your individual needs. A ZEN designed system will always maximise value to you, our customer.

solar system nz | solar + storage solutions

Solar + Storage Solutions

We believe the combination of solar energy + energy storage is the future of energy in the home. Whether extending an existing system or starting from scratch, a solar + storage system from ZEN will ensure you achieve your goals.

solar system nz | off-grid solutions

Solar + Backup Solutions

The more you use your own solar power, the less you rely on the grid. Whether a new build or existing home, worry less about high power prices by moving to ZEN's flagship solar energy + energy storage solution; a pathway to go completely off-the-grid.


We have scoured the world looking for the best products made by the brightest and most robust companies, and are driven to find the perfect solution. We then aim to deliver results only possible by a truly world class team.

solar system nz | Solis Inverter | LONGi Solar Panel

ZEN Gold

2.4kW Systems from $7,395* or just $40 per week**


ZEN Gold systems include high-performance LONGi Solar mono-crystalline solar panels and the latest Solis grid-tied inverters.

This combination provides you with the highest efficiency grid-tied system available, built from market leading components, all for an incredibly cost effective investment.



LONGi solar panels

Solis grid-tied inverter

Roof mounting system

Generation monitoring

System installation

Paperwork and applications


Solar diverter

Smappee energy monitor


solar system nz | Huawei Inverter | LONGi Solar Panel

ZEN Platinum

2.4kW Systems from $7,995* or just $45 per week**


ZEN Platinum systems include high-performance LONGi Solar mono-crystalline solar panels and the latest Huawei hybrid inverters, ensuring a seamless transition to energy storage at any stage.

DC Optimisers, which allow each panel to operate individually, can be added to the whole system or simply to panels likely to be impacted by shade.



LONGi solar panels

Huawei hybrid inverter

Roof mounting system

Full system monitoring

System installation

Paperwork and applications


Huawei DC optimisers

LG energy storage

Solar diverter

solar system nz | RedBack Inverter | LONGi Solar Panel

ZEN Diamond

2.4kW Systems from $11,895* or just $65 per week**


ZEN Diamond systems include high-performance LONGi Solar mono-crystalline solar panels and the latest Redback hybrid inverter, ensuring a seamless transition to energy storage at any stage.

This combination provides you with the most robust system available, providing both an uninterrupted power supply and backup power all in one.



LONGi solar panels

Redback hybrid inverter

Roof mounting system

Full system monitoring

System installation

Paperwork and applications


PylonTech energy storage

Solar diverter

*Prices include GST and are based on an iron roof installation in the Auckland area. Additional charges may apply for different regions and roof types. Attractive finance packages are available.

**Price per week is calculated using the average weekly payment based on a Q Card 48-month interest-free finance option.


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ZEN Energy Systems provides the most comprehensive range of solar and energy storage systems to the New Zealand market. This calculator will help you refine which system best suits your needs, and we are always on hand to help. Fill your boots!

My average daily energy use over the last 12 months was 20 kWhs per day

The percentage of my current consumption I want to cover using solar or solar + energy storage is 50%

My electricity is mainly used
My water is heated with
I want a solution that will
Are there any major shading issues on your roof?
Do you want your system to operate when the grid goes down?

With a well designed Solar + Energy Storage System, you could save kWh of energy, and up to $ per year

We suggest you go for a

Enquire Now

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Solis String Systems

Huawei Hybrid Systems

Redback Hybrid Systems


18 Months Interest Free and No Payments*

On any purchase of a ZEN solar system. Lending criteria, annual account fee, terms and conditions apply. CLICK HERE TO APPLY or CONTACT US for more information.

*Terms and conditions apply. Interest free and No payments for 18 months (“Payment Holiday”) is available on Flexi Payment Plans for any ZEN solar system. Annual Account Fee of $50 applies. New Cardholder fees - $55 Establishment ($3 PPSR – Q Card only). Existing Cardholder fee - $35 Advance. Standard Interest Rate, currently 25.25% p.a. applies to any outstanding balance at end of Payment Holiday. Lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply. Rates and fees correct as at date of publication, subject to change.


What is a grid-connected solar power system?
Solar panels are installed on your roof and produce electricity in DC current. This electricity is converted to AC current through your solar inverter and then delivered via your house's switchboard, to your appliances, such as your television, hot water cylinder, fridge and heat pump. Any excess electricity generated will be sent back to the grid, for which you will get a credit on your electricity bill if your electricity retailer has a buyback offer.
How long does an solar system installation take?
The length of installation depends on the size of the solar power system, whether it includes batteries and the roof condition, but will typically take anywhere between 4 and 8 hours.
Are solar panels effective in winter?
Solar panels generate electricity trough sunlight and UV ray. Cooler sunny days can actually provide a higher production, however we must remember that available daytime hours are less during winter. When designing a solar energy system, we take into consideration the change in seasons when estimating the annual energy production and match the variable generation to best suit your electricity consumption profile.
Is my house suitable for a solar power system?
If your house is built to code, you will be able to install a solar power system on it. If the roof of your house is either flat or of a suitable pitch and faces North, West or East, then it should be well suited to solar.
Are solar power systems good for the environment?
Solar power is the most abundant renewable energy resource on Earth. Solar power systems do not emit any CO2 and their costs have been consistently reducing. In contrast, fossil fuels are being depleted, with unpredictable prices that are typically trending upwards. Additionally, they are not renewable. Solar power is the clear answer for the future of energy as it localises energy generation at the point of consumption and passes the power to choose back to the individual home owner. Although many large entities are not yet committed to solar power, a household can proactively choose to benefit from having a solar power system on its roof.


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