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Solar Energy Financing Made Simple


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Committing to sustainability is straightforward with the right financial support. Green Loans provide a practical and cost-efficient way to finance solar and other eco-friendly upgrades. With competitive interest rates, these loans help cut electricity bills, gain energy independence, and reduce environmental impact.

  • Competitive Financial Terms: For example, Westpac offers an interest-free loan of up to $50,000 for five years, enabling significant upfront savings by removing the cost of interest.
  • Additional Financial Support: Kiwibank provides up to $2,000 in contributions for loans over $5,000 towards energy-efficient upgrades, illustrating the support available for sustainable projects.

Explore further in the following sections for a broader range of banking offers.

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Financial Benefits of Green Loans

See the

Transform Your Energy Expenses
into an Asset

Immediate Savings: Start reducing your electricity bills from day one with no initial financial barrier.

Minimal or No Initial Outlay: Green loans help you begin your energy-saving journey with minimal upfront payment.

Smart Use of Loans: Use unique financing options to own a solar energy system, paying it off through savings on your energy bills.

Capital Flexibility: Retain your capital for other investments while leveraging solar savings to cover loan repayments.

Transform Energy Costs into System Ownership: Savings on electricity bills can effectively pay off the loan used to purchase your system.

Interest-Free Loan Savings: Avoid interest payments with options like Westpac's 5-year interest-free loan, similar to a subsidy.

Electricity Bill Savings: Reduce or eliminate electricity bills, with substantial long-term savings (e.g., $200 monthly savings equals $12,000 over five years).

Bank-Sponsored Benefits: Maximise your investment with special offers like Westpac's interest-free loans.

Energy Savings as Investment: Monthly utility savings translate into an equity-building asset, providing ROI before the system is paid off.

Control over Finances: Predictable payment schedules help manage your savings versus out-of-pocket expenses, providing financial peace of mind.

A Hedge Against Rising Costs: Protect against fluctuating energy costs with a green loan, ensuring predictable energy expenses.

A Wise Investment: Solar energy increases home value and equity, making it a profitable home improvement project.

Equity Growth: The installation cost is often exceeded by the increase in home value, providing direct financial benefits when selling.

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Your Guide to Green Loan Options


Transitioning to solar energy is not just about going green; it's an investment in cost efficiency and adding value to your property, while making a significant environmental impact. Explore our comprehensive guide to Green Loans offered by New Zealand's leading banks and find the perfect match for your solar venture. Don't let upfront costs deter you—Green Loans are designed to pave the way for a sustainable and economically sound future.

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ANZ Good Energy Home Loan

Loans up to

$3,000 to $80,000

Fixed rate for initial term

1.00% p.a. Fixed for 3 years

For those holding an existing ANZ home loan, the Good Energy Home Loan serves as a financial catalyst targeting the adoption of solar energy systems. It's a tailored solution to facilitate a switch to greener living with a substantial loan amount and a promotional fixed interest rate.

Quick Facts:

  • Competitive Rate Offer: Take advantage of a fixed interest rate for the initial three-year period enhancing the affordability of your solar investment.
  • Installation Ready Financing: The loan can help cover not only the purchase of solar panels and battery systems but also the associated installation costs.
  • Exclusive Hyundai Charging Station Deal: ANZ patrons purchasing a new Hyundai electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle can access a special offer for a home wall charger.
  • Multiple Loan Opportunities: Eligibility extends to securing additional finance for diverse eco-friendly property enhancements.

Lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. Explore current rates and submit your application via the ANZ Good Energy Home Loan page.

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BNZ Green Home Loan Top Up

Loans up to


Fixed rate for initial term

1.00% p.a. Fixed for 3 years

BNZ offers an attractive financing route with the Green Home Loan Top Up, aimed at homeowners investing in solar energy solutions. This loan promotes environmentally sustainable home improvements with a favourable interest rate.

Quick Facts:

  • Special Rate Offer: Lock in a 1% p.a. fixed rate for the first three years, providing cost-effective borrowing.
  • Green Investment Flexibility: Funds can be allocated to a range of sustainable energy features including solar panels, batteries, inverters, as well as covering planning and installation expenses.
  • Stackable Financing: Possibility exists to obtain multiple Green Home Loan Top Ups for a variety of eco-friendly projects, with a total borrowing limit of $80,000.

Lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. For further details and to begin the application process, visit the BNZ Green Home Loan Top Ups page.

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Kiwibank Sustainable Energy Loan

Loans up to

Custom loan limits

Fixed rate for initial term

Variable rate

Kiwibank's Sustainable Energy Loan underscores a commitment to eco-friendly living, offering a financial leg-up for customers eyeing sustainable energy upgrades. This initiative is part of Kiwibank's broader strategy to foster environmentally responsible practices among homeowners.

Quick Facts:

  • Loan Term Flexibility: The Sustainable Energy Loan offers a minimum term of seven years and a maximum term of ten years, catering to your financial planning needs.
  • Substantial Financial Incentives: For loans exceeding $5,000 geared towards sustainable energy systems, Kiwibank pledges up to $2,000 in contributions over four years. The reimbursement plan includes an upfront $800 after the first year and $400 annually for the next three years.
  • Top-Up Fee Waiver: Customers with an existing Kiwibank home loan enjoy the added benefit of no top-up fee, making the financial leap towards sustainability easier and more affordable.

Lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. To explore more about this opportunity and initiate the application process, contacting Kiwibank directly or visit the Kiwibank Sustainable Energy Loan page.

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Westpac Greater Choices Home Loan

Loans up to


Fixed rate for initial term

Interest free. Up to 5 years

The Westpac Warm Up loan caters to existing Choices home loan customers by providing a straightforward, interest-free financial option for solar energy systems, capped at $50,000. Ideal for homeowners investing in eco-friendly solutions.

Quick Facts:

  • Interest-Free Finance: Secure up to $50,000 without paying interest, dedicated exclusively to solar energy system installations.
  • Flexible Repayments: Take advantage of the freedom to make additional payments or fully repay the loan ahead of time, without incurring penalties.
  • Zero Establishment Fees: Getting started with the loan won't cost anything extra, letting your investment fully benefit your green initiative.
  • Stackable Loans: You have the possibility to obtain more than one loan for various energy projects, with a cumulative limit of $50,000.

Lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. For additional information, visit the Westpac Warm Up Loan page.

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ASB Better Homes Top Up Loan

Loans up to


Fixed rate for initial term

1.00% p.a. Fixed for 3 years

Specifically designed for existing ASB home loan customers, the ASB Better Homes Top Up loan offers a financial boost up to $80,000 for adding solar energy systems, enhancing your home's green credentials.

Quick Facts:

  • Generous Loan Capacity: Access up to $80,000 to top-up your existing home loan for solar installations.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: Benefit from a special fixed rate of 1.00% p.a. for the initial three years, followed by a shift to ASB’s standard Housing Variable Rate.
  • Extended Loan Terms: Opt for a repayment period as long as 30 years, ideally matching the term with the expected lifespan of the solar system to ensure financial efficiency.

Lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. For more details and application, visit the ASB Better Homes Top Up page.

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QCard Long Term Finance Offer - No Deposit

Loans up to

Subject to lending criteria

Fixed rate for initial term

Interest free. Up to 48 months

Switch to a ZEN Solar Energy System with flexible financing from Q MasterCard. Choose from two interest-free options:

  • Short-term: No payments, no interest for up to 18 months.
  • Long-term: No interest for up to 48 months.

Both options require a minimum $500 spend and charge fees depending on your cardholder status:

  • New Customers: $55 establishment fee.
  • Existing Customers: $35 advance fee.
  • Yearly: $50 account fee.
  • Transaction Fee: Variable, based on the selected payment plan.

Repayments start with either 3% of the monthly balance or $10, whichever is greater.

Rates and fees are subject to changes. Standard post-term interest is currently 25.25% p.a.

Lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. For full terms and to apply, visit Q MasterCard Solar Financing.

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Ready to discover your solar potential? Use our Solar Savings Calculator for clear insights on savings, costs, and return on investment from going solar. Turn your solar plans into reality with personalised, actionable data now.

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5 reasons why going solar with ZEN Energy makes sense


Leading Solar Technology

We provide premium solar solutions, optimised for maximum efficiency and tailored to New Zealand's unique climate.


Seamless Solar Integration

Our solar designs enhance your home's architecture, ensuring each installation is both aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient.


Exceptional Support

With us, expert assistance is always available, ensuring uninterrupted performance and peace of mind.


Tailored Energy Solutions

We design precision-engineered systems to fit your lifestyle, maximising returns with our expert engineering and proven experience.


Pioneers in Solar Excellence

Since 2014, we have led the way in New Zealand, continuously innovating and setting the standard in solar technology.

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