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An Introduction to our Referral Program

Introducing ZEN Energy's "Share the Shine" Referral Program – designed to grow our vibrant solar community and reward our customers while doing it! By referring friends, neighbours, or family members to embrace sustainable living with ZEN Energy, you and your referred friend can each unlock $300 (incl. GST) in rewards!

Navigating the Referral Journey

  1. Recommend a Friend: Fill out our quick Share the Shine Referral Form with your and the referee's contact details, making sure you've obtained their consent for referral.
  2. Stay Connected: After submitting the form, you'll receive a unique referral reference number - save it for keeping track of your referral's progress!
  3. Enjoy Updates: ZEN Energy will keep you informed about your referrals' status at each step of their solar journey.
  4. Celebrate Victories: Each successful referral installation sparks a $600 (incl. GST) reward - you'll receive a $300 (incl. GST) Prezzy Card - a convenient gift card you can use at numerous places that accept Visa! Simultaneously, your referred friend gets a $300 (incl. GST) discount off their new solar system installation. Unleash the power of referrals now!

Unpacking the Perks of our Referral Program

The "Share the Shine" program lets you:

  • Spread the Light: Enrich your circle with sustainable living, and help friends and family embrace clean energy.
  • Reap the Rewards: With every successful referral, you'll get a $300 (incl. GST) Prezzy Card, and your referee benefits with a $300 (incl. GST) discount on their solar system purchase!
  • Shine Together: There's no limit to your sun-kissed rewards – the more people you refer, the more benefits you and your referees can reap!

What is the "Share the Shine" Referral Program?

  • The "Share the Shine" Referral Program is an initiative by ZEN Energy to reward our valued customers for referring friends or family members to our solar solutions. Both the referrer and the referee receive a $300 (incl. GST) reward upon the successful installation of the referee’s solar system.

How does the program work?

  • It's simple. As a satisfied customer, you just need to submit the contact details of a friend or family member through our conveniently available Share the Shine Referral Form. When your referral successfully installs their solar system, both of you receive a $300 (incl. GST) reward.

How can I participate in the "Share the Shine" Program?

How often, and how, will I be rewarded for making referrals?

  • Every time your referral results in successful installation of a solar system, we reward you with a $300 (incl. GST) Prezzy Card - a convenient gift card you can use at numerous places that accept Visa! The referred person gets a $300 (incl. GST) price reduction on their new solar system purchase as well.

Is there a limit on how many referrals I can make?

  • Not at all. You can refer as many individuals as you like through the Share the Shine Referral Form. The number of referrals, and consequently the potential rewards, are limitless!

How can I track my referrals?

  • We regularly update you on your referral's status. Upon successful installation by your referral, we will let you know your referral was successful, and your voucher will follow shortly.

Who qualifies as a valid referral?

  • A referral is a potential new customer to ZEN Energy who's been referred by you using the Share the Shine Referral Form. They should not have previously used ZEN Energy for any service or consultation and should be willing to be referred by you.

Can I use my earned voucher on any product or service offered by ZEN Energy?

  • Yes, you can apply your earned rewards towards any future ZEN Energy product or service. Please remember, these vouchers are non-transferrable and can't be exchanged for cash.

1. Eligibility:

  • The referral program is open exclusively to existing ZEN Energy customers who have an active and successfully installed solar system.
  • The referred customer must be a new client with no previous contract or installation with ZEN Energy.

2. Referral Process:

  • Referrals must be made through the Share the Shine Referral Form provided by ZEN Energy.
  • Before making a referral, the referrer must obtain full consent from the referee to share their contact details with ZEN Energy. The referee should fully understand that ZEN Energy will contact them regarding their solar energy services.
  • Upon submitting the Share the Shine Referral Form, the referrer will receive a unique referral reference number for each referral. This reference number should be kept and used for any future correspondence about the specific referral.

Please note, violation of the consent clause can lead to disqualification from the referral program.

3. Payment and Incentive Details:

  • The total combined referral fee for this program has a value of $600 (incl. GST), divided between the referrer and referee.
  • The referrer receives a Prezzy Card with a value of $300 (incl. GST) upon successful completion of the referee's solar system installation.
  • The referee is granted a $300 (incl. GST) discount on the purchase price of their new solar energy system, designed, supplied, and installed by ZEN Energy.
  • Payments and incentives are distributed once the referred customer has successfully completed their solar system installation and received a full payment.

4. Multiple Referrals:

  • There is no limit to the number of referrals a customer can make.

5. Program Modifications:

  • ZEN Energy reserves the right to modify or cease the referral program at any time. When changes occur, ZEN Energy will provide notice through appropriate channels—via email or web notifications—two weeks prior to the effective date of the change.

6. Prezzy Card:

  • The Prezzy Card rewards are facilitated by Prezzy Card, an independent entity with no partnership or affiliation with ZEN Energy. The card comes pre-loaded with a $300 (incl. GST) credit. The usage of the Prezzy Card is subject to its own Terms and Conditions, which can be viewed here.
  • The Prezzy Card offers a breadth of possibilities, catering to various needs by being accepted at many businesses across the country. For more information and Frequently Asked Questions related to Prezzy Card, please visit this page.
  • By participating in the Share the Shine Referral Program and accepting the Prezzy Card as a reward, you adhere to the terms and conditions imposed by Prezzy Card independently of ZEN Energy.

7. Communication:

  • Participants in the referral program may receive communications regarding program status updates, reward announcements, or program changes via email or other designated communication channels.

8. Fraudulent Referrals:

  • ZEN Energy reserves the right to disqualify referrals deemed fraudulent. This includes self-referrals, usage of multiple accounts for the same customer, or any tactics violating the spirit of the referral program.

9. Taxes:

  • Referral fees and incentives are inclusive of GST. Any additional taxes or fees are the responsibility of the recipient.

10. Dispute Resolution:

  • Any dispute related to the referral program should be raised to ZEN Energy's Customer Support immediately. Parties should endeavour to reach a solution amicably.

11. Effective Date:

  • These terms and conditions are effective as of 14th November 2023, and may be subject to updates. Program participants are encouraged to review these terms regularly for any changes.

For further clarification or questions, please contact ZEN Energy’s customer support on

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