January 17, 2022

Why solar energy is a great investment in 2022

Solar panels on a house at dusk.


Wondering if this is the year to invest in solar power for your home? Check out these reasons why to make the switch to green.

In this article we will cover

Wondering if you should join the solar revolution? Here are just a few of the reasons that so many Kiwis are choosing to go green with a solar power system for their home.

Solar saves you money on electricity bills

Once your solar power system is installed, you instantly start generating free, clean power. That means you need to draw less from the mains - if you need to draw any at all! - meaning less to pay at the end of the month.

How much do you save? According to a study from 2016, the average Kiwi family can save over $600 every year by installing solar panels on their roof. That study was from more than five years’ ago, and solar panels have only become more efficient and more affordable since then. Your savings may be even higher.

Solar improves your home value

It’s a fact: home buyers love to see solar panels already installed on the roof, to the tune of thousands of dollars of added value. In fact, research from overseas has shown that a solar panel system adds more value to a home than the actual initial cost of installing the system. 

Translation? Instant return on investment for a property sale.

Solar generates profit (literally)

Lots of people invest in solar energy because they want to reduce their electricity bills, but what happens when you generate more energy than you actually use?

The answer is simple: you sell it back to the grid! Every kWh of power you generate that you don’t use or store for later in a battery is sent back to the main grid - and you get paid for it. Talk about turning the tables on your utility company.

You might be surprised at how often this happens. When the family is out at work and school and your home is dark, your panels will still be generating electricity - all of which can be sold. Now that’s putting your roof to work.

Solar powers your through blackouts

Power cuts happen. Demand suddenly spikes, power lines fail - something, somewhere goes wrong. But with solar, power cuts become something that happens to other people.

By being able to generate your own power, you can keep the lights on even when they’re flickering out down your street. This means the lights stay on, and the fridge keeps refrigerating, and even your internet connection doesn’t feel a blip.

Solar hedges against future power costs

We’ve all been there: you receive your utility bill and there’s a few more dollars owing than you expected. But you didn’t use a lot of extra power this month - what gives? 

The simple fact is that electricity is becoming more expensive. With solar, you can hedge against those price increases. Generating your own power doesn’t just reduce your utility bills now - it makes sure you reduce your chances of bill shock in the future too.

Solar is more affordable than ever

As the price of electricity has gone up, the price of solar power has gone down. The price of solar power has rapidly declined over the last few years - there has never been a better or more affordable time to invest in solar power.

So if you love the idea of solar but were put off by the price, now is the time to take a second look!

Solar instantly reduces your environmental impact

Solar power is clean and green - it generates power without producing a single atom of greenhouse gas during its operation. Every ounce of energy you generate for yourself with solar is one less ounce of energy that you would need to draw from the mains - which could have been created through methods like burning fossil fuels.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your environmental impact in a truly meaningful way, solar power offers that in spades.

Convinced that solar is a great choice for you? Get in touch with ZEN Energy Systems, your local experts in solar power to discover the correct solar power system for you and your family’s needs.

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