Success stories

Commercial solar power systems - case studies

We’re proud to have been responsible for a wide range of successful commercial solar projects. But you don’t have to just take our word for it - discover what our previous customers have to say about our commercial solar energy systems

Solar-Powered brews with the crew at sawmill brewery

“Building a sustainable brewery operation is fundamental to us. We wanted a brewery our customers, community and team could be proud of.  Our electricity usage was a concern (brewing being an energy-intensive activity), so we investigated the use of solar panels for power.”

New Zealand's 1st solar powered wood processor

“First and foremost, ZEN provided a system which met our needs –substantially reducing our power bill and carbon footprint, and at our budget.  But we were also impressed with their regular communication, consistently following up and keeping us fully informed throughout the process– even helping us secure a better deal on our grid provided power!”

Enlightening 1,500 Bright Students with Commercial Solar in School

“With an expected output of approximately 59,000 kWh per year, the system will  provide approximately 12% of the school's current electrical demand.  To put this into perspective, this is enough energy to run seven standard New Zealand houses, 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year. Not bad for a single commercial roof!”

Benefits of solar for industries

Commercial solar is an excellent investment for nearly any kind of enterprise, from retail to forestry to finance.

Grow your green credentials

The New Zealand public is more aware than ever of the impact that we have on the environment. Win hearts and walk the talk with energy generation that releases no greenhouse gases.

Stay independent

Dry weather, natural gas shortages, delayed fuel shipments - there are plenty of reasons why commercial power spot prices can suddenly rise. But you can bet your bottom dollar the sun will rise tomorrow. Stay online - and for less - with commercial solar energy.

Expand freely

Where your premises can grow is dictated by the presence and stability of utility connections. Cut that cord with investment in solar and grow your business where you choose -not where the power company decides to lay wire.

Keep the lights on in blackouts

In an increasingly competitive environment, businesses can’t afford to go offline due to something as minor as a power cut. Keep the lights on even when the grid fails with solar generation.

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What our clients say

Beep & Harry S

"It’s been great. We have noticed savings from the very start, the wine was nice I won’t lie. Our bills are 40-50% less."

Grant & Marilyn H

"I was skeptical about the savings at first, we are now saving over 50% on our power bills, summer ones have dropped from $450 to $200 and winter has gone from $660 down to $320. We are happy with how persistent Jake was, the results are great"

Bronwyn & John

“Pretty good I am a country bumkin so pretty good is pretty good, our winter bills have dropped from $400 – $260 & summer from $130 down to $60. I have been recommending ZEN to anyone who asks”