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Retailers across New Zealand have an excellent opportunity to take full advantage of the power of solar with a ZEN Energy system.

Why get solar energy systems for retail?

With most retailers having the bulk of their operations active during the day when the sun is shining, solar power systems offer huge advantages

Grow your green image

New Zealanders are more aware than ever of the impact that the business operations around them are having on the environment. Become a community-conscious business leader and take the next step in reducing your carbon footprint with the clean, green energy of solar power for your business.

Free up cash flow

Utility and power bills can take a huge bite out of the bottom line of any business - and with many retailers needing to work within slim profit margins, any opportunity to cut costs and free up cash flow for investment elsewhere should be welcomed. Solar power offers the opportunity to reduce your outgoings on electricity, instantly, and with the right system, ensure you never have to pay a power bill again.

Stay secure in your energy needs

The grid doesn’t always work when we need it to. By taking control of your own power generation, you are ensuring that your business can continue operating when and where you need it to, even if the grid goes down. Independence is the goal for many retail business owners - solar power offers a tangible way to achieve it with your enterprise.

Case study facts

Project highlights

Sawmill Brewery wanted to offset their energy-intensive operations and create a greener brewery to allow them to live their community-oriented values.

54 Panels

ZEN Energy installed a 16.2kW solar generation system, consisting of54 LONGi monocrystalline panels and a Huawei 3-phase inverter


Final system was able to generate 23.5 MWh peryear, significantly reducing costs and impressing on-site guests


Brewing is a high-octane activity in power terms, with the average barrel of beer taking between 50 to 66 kWh to make, according to the Brewer’s Association. The Sawmill Brewery team approached ZEN Energy to investigate their options in solar power generation, primarily to offset this high electricity usage.

"Building a sustainable brewery operation is fundamental to us. We wanted a brewery our customers, community and team could be proud of. Our electricity usage was a concern (brewing being an energy-intensive activity), so we investigated the use of solar panels for power.”

Following an investigation by the ZEN Energy team, work began in October 2018 on a solar energy system tailored to their specific needs and industrial requirements: a16.2kW system, made up of more than four dozen LONGi solar panels and a paired Huawei solar inverter.

“We are generating even more solar power than we expected, resulting in real savings, and have had excellent feedback from visitors to the brewery.”

“For our team it is gratifying to take this huge step forward in being a business that has a positive impact on its environment.  We are all about independence and resourcefulness at Sawmill and ZEN Energy have been immensely supportive of this."


With its newly installed solar power system, the Sawmill Brewery premises was able to save $3,500 a year, as well as grow their brand as an environmentally conscious retailer and restaurant among their New Zealand audience.

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What our clients say

Beep & Harry S

"It’s been great. We have noticed savings from the very start, the wine was nice I won’t lie. Our bills are 40-50% less."

Grant & Marilyn H

"I was skeptical about the savings at first, we are now saving over 50% on our power bills, summer ones have dropped from $450 to $200 and winter has gone from $660 down to $320. We are happy with how persistent Jake was, the results are great"

Bronwyn & John

“Pretty good I am a country bumkin so pretty good is pretty good, our winter bills have dropped from $400 – $260 & summer from $130 down to $60. I have been recommending ZEN to anyone who asks”