Get power for longer with solar batteries

Solar batteries

Enjoy your solar power for longer with a ZEN energy solar battery system.

How do solar batteries work?

Solar panels are a fantastic start to a solar system, but if you don’t use the power, it goes wasted. That’s where a solar battery comes in.

Solar batteries store unused or excess energy from your solar system to use when the sun isn’t shining or during periods of high demand. It reduces the amount of power you draw from the grid even further and keeps you running on your own, free power for longer.

Once the solar panels have generated the power, it’s fed through a solar inverter. Depending on the type of solar system you have set up (such as a hybrid, an AC-coupled system, or a system with a solar diverter), some of this power may be diverted to charge the batteries.

When it’s needed, the batteries can then release this stored power to power your home. This includes at night, on a cloudy day, or even during a blackout.

Why use a solar battery storage system?

A solar battery storage system allows you to enjoy your solar power for longer.

During blackouts, solar battery storage systems ensure you don’t have to eat a cold dinner in the dark.

During periods of high demand, solar batteries allow you to avoid drawing on the grid and paying for additional power if your panels can’t keep up with real-time requirements.

And when the sun isn’t shining, solar batteries ensure you can keep enjoying the benefits of clean, green power, even at night or on cloudy days.

It’s your energy, why not make the most of it?

Solar battery brands


We work with PylonTech lithium-ion solar batteries.

Modular design gives you the power of choice of capacity.

Simple buckle fixing minimise the installation time and cost.

Compact and fashionable design fits in the home environment.

Pairs with the Redback hybrid system and Fronius-Selectronic off-grid system.

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Solar battery costs

The overall costs of your solar batteries will vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

Your energy demands
Your storage demands
Your current solar system

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Beep & Harry S

"It’s been great. We have noticed savings from the very start, the wine was nice I won’t lie. Our bills are 40-50% less."

Grant & Marilyn H

"I was skeptical about the savings at first, we are now saving over 50% on our power bills, summer ones have dropped from $450 to $200 and winter has gone from $660 down to $320. We are happy with how persistent Jake was, the results are great"

Bronwyn & John

“Pretty good I am a country bumkin so pretty good is pretty good, our winter bills have dropped from $400 – $260 & summer from $130 down to $60. I have been recommending ZEN to anyone who asks”