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ZEN Energy’s range of solar inverters convert and direct your solar power so you have electricity where you need it, when you need it.

What is a solar inverter?

After the solar panels have generated electricity from sunlight, it has to be converted into a usable form. This is where the inverter comes in, translating the direct current (DC) power from the panels into alternating current (AC) electricity. This AC power can then be used to power the lights, air conditioning, and all other electric appliances within a home or business.

Some solar inverters also assist with energy management, allowing a solar system to seamlessly transition between grid power, solar power, and battery power.

Choosing a solar power inverter

The best type of solar power inverter for you will depend on your needs and the use of your solar power system.

String Inverter

String inverters have a single core function: convert the DC power of the solar panels into AC power, then send that electricity into the home circuit grid. They are the most simple and cost-effective of the solar inverter options. They are ideal for grid-tied solar systems.

Hybrid Inverter

Hybrid inverters are smart inverters. They are able to convert DC power into AC power just like string inverters, but they are also able to manage multiple streams of electricity and intelligently send those streams where they need to go, such as to critical appliances, solar batteries, or back to the grid. They are the more advanced version of solar inverters and are ideal for hybrid or hybrid+backup solar systems.

Off-Grid Inverter

An off-grid inverter is used in solar systems that have no connection to the electrical grid. The off-grid inverter gets DC electricity from the solar panels or battery storage and converts it into AC power for home use.

Solar inverter brands

GoodWe String Inverter

Manufactured for durability and longevity under modern industrial standards, the GoodWe DNS series offers high efficiency and class leading functionality.

Based on its single-phase residential PV inverter range, GoodWe ranked 4th in global shipments in 2017.

Ability to AC couple to a battery - i.e. capable of adding a battery to the system in the future, but will require additional components and won't be a fully managed solution.

Monitoring via the GoodWe application and web portal.

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Huawei FusionHome Smart Hybrid Inverter

The ability to connect smart home appliances, providing the ability to run appliances and adopt the Internet of Things (IoT) technology as it becomes more commonplace.

Easy to use application and web monitoring.

DC Optimisers (where and as required) - this technology allows for individual panel operation, ensuring that panels affected by shade do not impact on the overall performance of the system.

See the Huawei hybrid inverter brochure showing the integrated system.

Plug and Play battery solution, see the high voltage model in the LG Resu lithium-ion energy storage range

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Redback Technologies Smart Hybrid Inverter

RedBack Generation 2 hybrid inverter with the ability to function on-grid (connected to the public power network) or off-grid in the event of a power outage

Capable of running up to 14.2kWh of Pylontech lithium-ion battery capacity within the RedBack Generation 2battery enclosure, which sits below the inverter.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to ensure the seamless delivery of electricity to your essential loads in the event of a power outage, prioritising what you need and want when the grid goes down, and allowing the conservation of battery power and ongoing operation in off-grid mode.

Electrical relay controls ,enabling the on/off control of various appliances within the home.

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Selectronic SP Pro Inverter

The SP PRO series of bi-directional inverter chargers is one of the most flexible and intelligent available in the market today. A modular approach can handle systems up to 240kW in 20kW blocks, whilst using sophisticated communications can manage up to 480kW of AC Coupled PV.

Battery Voltages of 24V, 48V and 120V are accommodated. Additionally, by incorporating unlimited DC Coupled solar, wind, backup generator or a grid supply, our ethos of never being without power is always met.

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