Solar case study – Redback hybrid with batteries in Northland

System details

Size: 7.56 kW of solar panels with 11.90 kWh energy storage

Major Components: 24 x LONGi 315W solar panels, 1 x 5kW Redback Hybrid Inverter, 2 x 2.4 Pylontech Batteries and 2 x 3.55 Pylontech Batteries housed in a Redback Battery Enclosure.

Annual output: 10.31 MWh p.a.

Installation date: December 2019

Installation cost: $30,000 to $35,000

"ZEN had the sort of system I wanted and Stefan has excellent product knowledge. We have made substantial savings on our power bills and power cuts are a distant memory." - Grant

About the project

When our client, Grant first came to us, he had definitely done his homework regarding solar energy systems. Grant was clear about his goal: "Reduce his power bill and become as independent from the grid as possible". Within a few days of getting in touch with Grant, our team provided the optimal solution for Grant to meet his exact needs.

We did not just present Grant what he could get! Rather, we detailed the reasons behind the chosen design, the number and location of solar panels, the intelligence of the Redback inverter and the optimal size of energy storage which Grant should have, based on his current energy usage.

With this understanding, Grant happily agreed with ZEN's suggestions. This agreement was based not only on our recommendations but on his own judgement after fully understanding the system and the options available to him.

Project design and implementation

Grant - Redback

Grant had a lot of technical questions about the system; from the voltage of battery charging to the technology for mounting the solar panels on the roof; from the possible battery cycles to the distribution of normal and backup loads. After discussing all of his questions in detail, Grant gained even more confidence in the system, and was able to describe the functions of the system in his own words!

Installation of the system was smooth and within 2 days, Grant was enjoying the benefits of his system, right after the installation and inspection were completed.

This was what Grant had to say about his system:

"We produce most of our own energy from the panels on our roof, storing it in a battery for night-time use and if the grid fails, it doesn't matter."

Project outcome

A year later Grant is still satisfied with his system and showing impressive savings! He is generating over 90% of his electricity from his solar system and has reduced his reliance on the grid. He can even charge his EV car through the solar-generated electricity!

Here is a snapshot of his system performance as at 10 Dec 2020, which shows 94% of his power being self-generated from his solar system.

And that’s not all; as an added bonus to his already well-performing solar energy system, he also receives a rebate from selling excess solar energy back to the grid.

Grant - result of system

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What our clients say

Beep & Harry S

"It’s been great. We have noticed savings from the very start, the wine was nice I won’t lie. Our bills are 40-50% less."

Grant & Marilyn H

"I was skeptical about the savings at first, we are now saving over 50% on our power bills, summer ones have dropped from $450 to $200 and winter has gone from $660 down to $320. We are happy with how persistent Jake was, the results are great"

Bronwyn & John

“Pretty good I am a country bumkin so pretty good is pretty good, our winter bills have dropped from $400 – $260 & summer from $130 down to $60. I have been recommending ZEN to anyone who asks”